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Through a combination of services, the professionals at J. Johnson & Associates strive to provide greater financial health, and assist in the goal of Wealth Accumulation Planning for our clients.

Retirement Planning
IRA Accounts
401K Rollovers
401K Planning
Retirement Income Projection

Mutual Funds
Brokered CDs
Money Management Services

Financial Planning
Retirement Feasibility Plan
Wealth Accumulation Planning

Tax Planning
Yearly Tax Preparation
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Long Term Care
Medicare Supplements
Medicare Insurance
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Estate Planning
Review of Will and Trust

We provide you with an investment solution to help meet your unique needs.  You have a vision of the future.  We build customized investment solutions to help you achieve that vision.  Through J. Johnson & Associates, clients can access portfolio solutions that tap into the experience, insight, and reach of many of the best asset management firms in the United States.